Hi!my name is Meguro Bodou and I'm 14 years old. I go to Momoiro High School in Tokyo and have a crush on a guy named Shirogane Kyo. Today I found a picture of teenagers in my attic and the blonde girl reminds me of someone.....Well enjoy the show and don't it too close or you will have a pokemon special effects seizure and die. BYE!!!(Don't have one of those. Please.)

Mew Mew Revoloution:episode one:The Mew Mew's Mark Chooses Only Some,Nya!

A blonde haired, red eyed girl smiled. Her friends were mutual to her happiness. Another blonde, a redhead, a brunette, two black haired people and some green haired chick were all grinning with her. Each wore a cute little waitress outfit.


I stared at my photo. The glass on it was dusty and my hand slipped. As it smashed, the photo and a note flew out. I picked up the picture and read the note. It simply said "Anima Libera". A cupboard nearby had the same words scribbled on, so I opened it. A shoebox fell out. It had seven golden pendants in it. One was green and purple. Another was red. A dusty blue one caught my eye. A green one was attracting dust in a corner. The raspberry-pink one seemed to glow. A cloud of orangey-coloured dust splattered onto one. The last one was peachy pink. I dusted them and grabbed all the bizarre objects. Carrying them all in the shoebox, I ran downstairs. The green-purple one was threaded onto my necklace.

At the mall..... I was strolling around the mall when a giant lizard appeared. It hissed at me. Everyone ran and screamed. I blacked out.

Hi, it's Meguro-San again!That was the end of part one, so back soon for more!NYA!!!