Hey! Meguro-San in the house!!!This is part two!remember, not too close or.......Pokemon seizure time. Just watch it, Kay?

I woke up in a strange glowing place. A small cat loped towards me. I picked it up and the cat purred. I smiled at it and laughed. It jumped up, towards my chest. The cat...went inside me. I started to glow as it jumped. "Somehow..I feel so warm inside."I blacked out again.

The giant lizard loomed over me. I screamed as it tried to bite me. I felt a warmth in my heart, like when the cat went inside me."MEW MEW GRAPE, METAMORPHOSIS!

(Bodou's transformation is like most TMM TFs. She kisses her pendant. Purple and green light swirls around her and forms the shape of her outfit. Lightning strikes and Mew Grape's outfit appears. She moves to her ending pose, which is Mew Grape on a cloud with lightning around her.)

I stood in front of the lizard and hissed like a cat. Cat.....I had cat ears!"NYA!Cat ears!"And a tail!the monster roared."Grape Flute!" a purple and green flute appeared."Ribbon...Grape...Strike!"Lightning struck everywhere and destroyed the lizard. A small, fluffy....Thing flew up to me."What are you?what am I?what was that?"I said pointing to a baby iguana and a jellyfish."Peep?PEEP!"the fluff ball tried to hug me."What? Uh, I mean, peep. I think it's peep."

Tune in tomorrow for more MMR:TNM!Meguro-San is out.