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You heard right. A propper fandub of Mew Mew Power, the unaired episodes! with cuts, edits, and the awesome story-line changes, just mew mew power the way it should have been. Music will be based off of the american dub of MewMew Power, although the Oh-so-important Transformation Disney Channel Phrases will be retained from the original Japanese to English version. It's the way I invisioned The english dub of Tokyo Mew Mew, and I know you'll all enjoy it!

Episode 27

Zoey arrives to the place where she and Mark were to meet, but finds nobody there. As she is about to leave, Mark appears. He tells her that he was waiting for her, and that he loves her. Zoey's cat ears pop out again, but she hides them with a handkerchief and tells Mark that she loves him too. The next day Mark comes to the Cafe Mew Mew, surprising the girls who thought that he has dumped Zoey. The aliens attack the Cafe, searching for the Mew Aqua Rod, and Elliot has to give Mark a sleeping drug to knock him out. Dren finally gets the rod, but Wesley reveals that it doesn't contain the Mew Aqua energy anymore. The aliens leave, and everyone begins to clean up the Cafe. Outside, Zoey bends over sleeping Mark, and gets excited... but instead of just getting cat ears and a tail, she completely turns into a cat.

Episode 28

Zoey became a cat! In this form, she has to face a lot of troubles. Fortunately, after running away from a fat cat, she stops right in front of Mark's house. Mark finds her and takes her inside to clean her up. In the evening, when the boy falls asleep, Zoey gets an idea to kiss him. She ends up kissing his dog instead because it got in the way, but it actually helps her to change back into a human. Zoey tries to sneak out through the window, but gets licked by the dog again, and again transforms into a cat. She figures out that she needs to kiss someone in order to transform back. The fat cat finds her again, but she certainly doesn't want to kiss this creature, even if it can help her. Suddenly, a grey kitten with a green bandana around the neck appears and scares the fat cat off. Zoey accidentally falls into the river, and the grey kitten dives after her. He tells her that his name is Alto. When Zoey regains consciousness, the kitten is gone, she is in human form again, and she sees Elliot bending over her. He says that she must defeat the aliens as soon as possible to stop turning into a cat. Elliot offers to take Zoey home, and actually apologizes to her.

Episode 29

&nbsp At the train station Zoey meets a cat, and to her astonishment hears him talk. Later, the same cat appears at the Cafe Mew Mew, and Zoey is the only one who can understand him (due to her cat genes). The cat's name is Asano, and he wants the girls to find his love, a Lilac Point Siamese cat named Jaqueline, who has moved to another place with her owner. The girls discover that Jaqueline's owner, Mr. Ijuuin, is searching for a fiancé for her, and take Asano to the Cat Fair where Jaqueline was. The cat gets a chance to speak to Jaqueline, and she tells him that she can't leave Mr. Ijuuin, because she knows that he feels lonely after his wife's death, and that for him she is a precious memory of his wife. Asano saves Jaqueline, when one of the cats turns into a Chimera Anima, and after that Mr. Ijuuin allows them to be together.

Episode 30

Zoey fears that Mark has lost interest in her, and goes to consult Mariko, a fortune-teller from high school. At first, Mariko tells the girl that Mark is a bad guy, then finally says that she and Mark are good for each other, but she'd better be honest about her feelings. The next day, Zoey happens to see Mariko looking at a young member of the school soccer team named Shunsuke. Mariko sees Shunsuke with another girl, and later she tells him his fortune: he should tell the person he loves about his feelings on Sunday, in a park with a fountain. The aliens start searching for Mariko's crystal ball, thinking that it contains the Mew Aqua. On Sunday, Zoey comes to the park. Upon seeing Shunsuke, she hides behind a tree, and finds Mariko there. Dren appears, and tries to get Mariko's spirit, but ends up getting Shunsuke's, when the latter jumps in front of his attack to protect Mariko. He creates an elephant Chimera Anima. The other Mew Mews arrive and try to stop Dren. The Blue Knight comes again to help Mew Zoey, and she is able to defeat the monster and return Shunsuke's spirit. When the Mews try to get Mariko's crystal ball back, it shatters, proving that it wasn't a Mew Aqua. Shunsuke finally tells Mariko that it was her whom he was waiting for.

Episode 31

After finding out that Zoey has a boyfriend, her father, Shintaro, gets mad and challenges Mark to a kendo match: only if the boy wins, Shintaro will allow the two to be together. Zoey complains to her mother, Sakura, who explains to her that her father really loves her and wants to protect her. Zoey learns that her parents also had to fight for the opportunity to be together. She then rushes to stop the fight, reminding Shintaro of what Sakura did in the same situation. With that, Zoey and Mark are finally allowed to be together.

Episode 32

Corina unexpectedly invites the girls to the tea party, and they are wondering why she did it until one more guest arrives - a spoiled rich girl named Kanna Saionji, who claims to be Corina's eternal rival. Meanwhile, a box is delivered to the party, which contains something that Corina wanted to bring. Dren suspects that it can be the Mew Aqua, and tries to get the box. Saionji, who doesn't seem to realize she's in danger, grabs the box from the alien, which results in him creating a Chimera Anima from someone's spirit. Corina ends up saving Saionji from the monster. The Mew Mews are losing badly, until the Blue Knight arrives to save Mew Zoey and reveals the monster's weak point. Together, Mew Zoey and Mew Corina defeat the Chimera Anima. Saionji admits that she just envied Corina. The box actually contains Corina's special tea, and the girls invite Saionji to drink it with them. Saionji refuses, but promises to invite them to the party at her house, where they can taste better tea, as she is still going to show that some things she has are better than Corina's.

Episode 33

&nbsp The Mew Mews are battling Tard's cactus-like Chimera Anima, when a young man appears and defeats the monster with his bare hands. The man is Yuebin Ron, and he is an apprentice of Kiki's father. Yuebin needs to compete with Kiki for the right to be the next successor of the special fighting technique used by Kiki's family. He wins, and tells Kiki that now she'll have to become his fiancé. After he accidentally knocks off Kiki's precious photo album, the girl runs away and locks herself in the Cafe. The other girls have to fight Dren and his Chimera Anima. Tard takes Kiki to the place where they were, and she is helpless, until Yuebin comes and saves her. The monster is defeated. Yuebin later leaves for China to continue his training, as he wants to be strong enough to protect his future wife.

(Episode 34)

During a charity drive, Wesley, Zoey and Kiki try to sell some food outside the Cafe. Corina is selling an old cabinet. Bridget arrives late and brings a lot of toys that she made herself. The toys quickly become popular, and in the evening, the last one is bought by Ayano Uemura, a famous doll-maker. Ayano likes the toy and offers Bridget to work together. She invites her to her workshop and suggests that they make a toy together. They did so, and later Ayano takes it to the doll exibition. Bridget is happy; however, when the girls come to the exibition, they discover that Ayano claimed the doll as her own. Ayano denies that the doll wasn't made by her. Dren appears and steals Ayano's spirit to make a spider Chimera Anima. The girls defeat the monster. Ayano admits that she just ran out of new ideas and started to envy Bridget. Bridget forgives her, saying that it doesn't matter who made the toy as long as it makes people happy.

Episode 35

&nbsp Zoey delivers a birthday cake to a little girl from the daycare. The girl, Momoka, turns out to be a huge fan of Renee, but she seems to be lonely. Zoey tells Renee about Momoka. After some time, Renee sees Momoka in a restaurant. The girl runs out of the restaurant upon hearing that her parents were unable to come. Renee tells her that her parents still love her and invites her to have dinner together. The next day Momoka receives a present from her parents - a beautiful pendant. Dren suspects that it has the Mew Aqua in it. When the kids from the daycare are having a picnic with their families, Momoka's parents are late again. Momoka runs away and accidentally drops Renee's handkerchief into the river. Dren appears and offers his help - in exchange for the pendant. Renee finds the handkerchief and goes to help Momoka. She transforms, but is trapped in vines by Tard. Dren discovers that the pendant does not contain the Mew Aqua, and the aliens leave, when the other Mew Mews appear. Renee gives Momoka back the handkerchief and the pendant. Momoka's parents arrive, and Renee believes they will never leave Momoka alone again.

Episode 36

Zoey is going to talk to Elliot about her problems caused by cat genes, but he leaves without talking to her. On the way to school Zoey goes through some adventures involving transforming into a cat, and is finally saved by Alto, who helps her to change back. Zoey then picks up the kitten, who suddenly starts to glow and turns into Elliot. At school, Zoey is spacing out, trying to figure out why Elliot is Alto. At the Cafe Mew Mew, Wesley explains to her that Elliot's parents were killed by an ancient "Chimera" that Elliot's father had discovered. Elliot continued his father's researches, and to make sure the Mew Project was safe, he tested cat genes on himself. He got the ability to become a cat, but if he remains in this form more than 10 minutes, he would be stuck this way permanently. Zoey promises to do her best as a Mew Mew.

Episode 37

It is almost Christmas, and Zoey is happy, planning to spend time with Mark; however, her happiness disappears when she realizes that she has been lying to Mark all the time, trying to hide the fact that she is a Mew Mew. She gets depressed, but Renee invites her to go Christmas shopping, so that she could find a present for Mark. Renee tells her that if she can't open her heart, she needs something to reflect her feelings, and Zoey chooses a necklace called "Tears for Christmas". She still can't face Mark, but a day later she makes up her mind and goes to the big Christmas tree in Odaiba to meet him. While she is waiting, the aliens appear. Zoey transforms, and her emotions materialize the Mew Aqua at the top of the Christmas tree. The Mew Mews prepare to fight for it.

Episode 38

The Mew Mews try to protect the Mew Aqua, but the aliens manage to add more energy to it, putting the area in danger of being destroyed. The girls use "Mew Power Extension" to reduce the power of the explosion. The only victim is Mark, who appears at the wrong time and gets hit by one of the fragments of the Mew Aqua. Zoey goes with him to the hospital and keeps watching over him and talking to him. She says she is sorry for not being able to tell him about her being a Mew Mew. She starts crying, causing one of the Mew Aquas to react, and it begins to snow. Mark wakes up and suggests that they go out. The two return to the Christmas tree. Zoey gathers enough courage to tell Mark about her secret, but Mark says that he already knew she was a Mew Mew, and doesn't mind it. Zoey finally gives him "Tears for Christmas".

Episode 39

Sardon creates a Chimera Anima that can manipulate dreams. After the date with Mark Zoey meets Tard, who traps her using some plants. The Chimera Anima puts Zoey into sleep and turns into a replica of her. In this form, the monster goes to the Cafe Mew Mew, and eventually sends the four girls into Zoey's dream. The girls transform, but everything in the world of Zoey's dream is manipulated by the Chimera Anima, even the Mew Mews attacks, which the monster sends back to them. The only way to win is to wake Zoey up. Dren unexpectedly stops Sardon from killing Zoey (the girls inside her dream would die along with her), and wakes her up, freeing the Mew Mews. The Chimera Anima is defeated. Dren tries to kill Mew Zoey, but he is too weak (he was injured in the last battle with the Blue Knight). Zoey shouts at the aliens, but they tell her that they are fighting for their friends as well. The girls realize that the aliens do have feelings and something they want to protect.

Episode 40

Mark continues to have weird dreams, where someone tells him to wake up. Kiki has a day off, and is enjoying a performance at the Tokyo Dome, when something strange starts to happen. Kiki transforms, and soon finds a huge hole in the floor. She jumps into the hole, and finds Tard, who didn't expect her to appear. Tard explains that they plan to make the whole area cave in, and he is experimenting with Chimera Animas digging holes under this building. He shows Mew Kiki the monster, but it goes out of control. The exit is blocked by stones, but Mew Kiki is happy to be with Tard, saying they don't need to fight as they are both trapped, and gives him a candy. Outside the dome, the other Mew Mews are fighting the Chimera Anima. Upon defeating it, they use Mew Power Extension to prevent the dome from collapsing, while Elliot and Wesley are evacuating people. Tard finally says that it will be boring if Kiki dies, and makes many trees grow around the dome to support it. He teleports Kiki to the surface, and she calls him her friend. Tard shouts at her and leaves, but he is happy about the candy he received.

Episode 41

The aliens plan to release pollutants in Tokyo Bay using a special Chimera Anima. The Mew Mews go there and have to fight numerous fish Chimera Animas. Masha discovers the current made by the aliens. Elliot and Mew Bridget arrive to the place, but their boat is drowned by the monster. The other girls manage to defeat fish by combining Corina's and Kiki's attacks. Bridget tries to save Elliot, and her emotions activate the Mew Aqua that is hanging around his neck, allowing her to transform into a mermaid and bring Elliot to the surface and Bridget kissed to Elliot. The Chimera Anima is weakened by the power of the Mew Aqua, and the Mew Mews defeat it, saving Tokyo again.

Episode 42

The girls find out that Renee was offered a leading role in a Hollywood movie, which means she'll have to move to America. Renee says she hasn't decided yet what to do. Dren receives news from his planet: the conditions are getting worse, and the aliens need to obtain the Mew Aqua as soon as possible to save their people. The girls go to search for the Mew Aqua. When the aliens appear, everyone transforms, except for Renee. Mew Corina gets hurt when protecting Renee from a Chimera Anima, and Renee doesn't try to help her. At the Cafe, after Renee leaves, Zoey complains to Elliot, who is indifferent, as usual. The girls go to find Renee. Masha leads them to a church, where they see Renee... and Dren.

Episode 43

Dren tries to persuade the girls that Renee has betrayed them, and offers Renee to join him. He then teleports away along with her. Elliot informs the Mews that they have located the Mew Aqua. The place is a protective area for wild birds, and one of the swans there has the Mew Aqua. The birds brought it there so that the Mew Mews could save them - as explained by Corina, who can understand birds. The aliens appear. Corina, who is hurt by Renee's betrayal, refuses to transform. The swan absorbs the Mew Aqua and flies away. Later, Zoey starts to think that Renee left them, because she wanted them to become more independent. Meanwhile, Renee and Corina meet in the bird area and start to fight each other. Zoey arrives to stop them. The aliens create a twister, and the birds are sucked into it. Mew Corina flies up and summons the Mew Aqua from inside the swan, allowing Mew Zoey to use the Mew Aqua Rod to stop the twister. Renee explains the true reason for her behavior and apologizes to the girls.

Episode 44

Elliot and Wesley discover that the Mew Aqua was probably made by Dren's race in ancient times. Wesley (and the aliens, as well) finds sources of strange energy in Tokyo. Trees start growing everywhere, turning the city into a forest. The Mew Mews find something that looks like a huge Mew Aqua, but Tard turns the tree where it was located into a Chimera Anima. Mew Zoey tries to fight the monster, when Alto and the Blue Knight appear at the same moment to save her. She finds herself in Elliot's arms, and sees the Blue Knight standing at a distance from them, realizing that the two are not the same person. The Mew Mews defeat the Chimera Anima, but still don't know what was that energy that turned Tokyo into a forest, and Elliot says that something even worse might happen.

Episode 45

St. Valentine's day is coming, and Zoey decides to make chocolate for Mark. With Wesley's help, she is finally able to make some. When she is on her way to meet Aoyama, she is confronted by Dren, who chases her and knocks away her pendant when she is about to transform. Mark somehow feels that Zoey is in danger, and appears just as Dren is ready to kill the girl. He refuses to run away, and after getting injured he suddenly glows with blue light and transforms into the Blue Knight. However, because of his injury he can't fight normally, and almost gets killed by Dren. The other Mew Mews arrive, but they are told by Elliot not to interfere. At the last moment Zoey grabs her pendant and runs in front of Dren's attack. Dren is shocked, thinking he has killed Zoey, but Mew Zoey's weapon puts a shield around her, saving both her and the Blue Knight. Zoey tells Dren that she won't go with him, and the alien leaves, depressed. Later, Zoey gives Mark her chocolate, and he actually likes it. Dren begins to wonder who the Blue Knight really is.

Episode 46

Mark sees a dream about Zoey inviting him to the Cafe Mew Mew to join the team. The next day his dream comes true, making him worry about his other dream (Zoey crying), but he accepts the invitation. Elliot doesn't seem to like the idea of Mark joining the Mew Mews, and Renee is concerned about it, too. The team is sent to investigate a strange phenomenon: a light emitted from the river, which could be coming from the Mew Aqua. The water in the river is shining, and it turns out to be very clear. The aliens appear, and everyone transforms. Mew Kiki jumps into the river to look for the Mew Aqua, as does Tard. Sardon creates many Chimera Stingrays, and they attack the Mew Mews. Kiki and Tard fight underwater, and eventually discover that the source of the light isn't the Mew Aqua. Mew Zoey uses her attack to power up the Blue Knight's sword, and he destroys all of the Chimera Animas. The strange light disappears, and everyone is left wondering what is going to happen next.

Episode 47

Deep Blue announces that the aliens' new mission is to destroy the Blue Knight, and Sardon comes up with a plan to kidnap Mew Zoey, as he has noticed that the Blue Knight only comes to protect her when she is in danger. Meanwhile, Zoey is really happy, as Mark now works as a waiter in the Cafe Mew Mew. The next day, when a Chimera Anima appears, the two leave together to join the rest of the team. The monster is a huge octopus-like creature, and the Mew Mews, including Zoey, are finally trapped by its tentacles. Sardon and Tard tell the Blue Knight that Zoey will die if he doesn't drop his sword; he does, and quickly gets attacked repeatedly by the two aliens. When they are about to kill him, Mew Zoey suddenly breaks free and is able to save the Blue Knight. She then attacks the aliens, and they are shocked at seeing her new unbelievable power. However, Dren, who was watching from above, figures out that this power actually did not come from Zoey...

Episode 48

The whole team is happily eating barbeque in the forest, until Wesley reveals the true reason for inviting them here: there is a Mew Aqua somewhere near. While exploring the rock formation, the girls and Mark get lost, and when something strange starts happening, everyone transforms. The rocks begin to crack, and the Mews get separated. The Blue Knight falls from the rock and transforms back into Mark. When he comes to himself, he is confronted by Dren, who reveals his main weak point: Mark can't become the Blue Knight if he is not protecting Zoey. When Dren is about to kill him, Mew Zoey somehow teleports and appears between them, but Mark is knocked unconscious. Dren then tries to kill Zoey, which results in Mark transforming into the Blue Knight, who gets angry and loses control on his powers. The four Mew Mews are teleported to Mew Zoey. They manage to put on a shield just before the whole rock explodes because of the Blue Knight's power. All the girls are safe, and Mark, who detransformed again, is safe, too; however, the rock is completely destroyed. Sardon and Tard appear before Dren, who tells them that the Blue Knight is the one who can save them.

Episode 49

Elliot and Wesley announce that the girls will take a vacation from the Cafe for a little while. The strange energy responce is growing, convincing them that the final battle may be coming up, and the Mew Mews need to get refreshed before it. While everyone is enjoying normal lives, Zoey finds out that Mark is missing. Dren tells Sardon and Tard that he is going to use the Blue Knight's powers instead of waiting for Deep Blue's awakening. Tard supports the idea, but Sardon doesn't. The aliens release all previous Chimera Animas to distract the Mew Mews and keep Mew Zoey and the Blue Knight from coming together. Dren and Tard find Mark and try to take his spirit, but can't. Elliot finally realizes what is going on, and sends the Mews to find Mark. When Mew Zoey appears, Mark is lying unconscious, and when she comes closer, he transforms into the Blue Knight. The energy from the Mew Aquas in Tokyo gathers around him, then, right before the Mew Mews' eyes, the Blue Knight transforms into an alien with long dark hair and pale skin. The alien introduces himself as Deep Blue.

Episode 50

Zoey can't believe that Mark has turned into Deep Blue. Sardon explains who Deep Blue is and why they were waiting for his awakening. Elliot blames himself for not having done anything earlier and rushes to help the Mew Mews. Zoey tries to get Deep Blue to remember her by showing him the bell collar given to her by Mark, but it seems to be useless. The four other Mews have to protect Zoey from Deep Blue's attacks, as she doesn't want to fight him. Deep Blue uses his sword to destroy Tokyo. Having finally realized that he is not Mark anymore, Mew Zoey tries to attack him, but Deep Blue is much stronger. Zoey is saved by Elliot, who tells her that everything was just as the Earth wanted it to be, and that she and the other Mew Mews are chosen to protect it. The final battle begins.

Episode 51

Deep Blue summons his base and teleports there. Wesley detects the final Mew Aqua inside the base. Sardon creates a Chimera Anima that is the same that killed Elliot's parents. While the other four Mew Mews are fighting it, Mew Zoey tries to get the base. Tard stops Sardon from attacking her, and Sardon kills his comrade. Deep Blue figures out where the last Mew Aqua is. When Zoey finally reaches his room, he attacks her. Dren appears, and apologizes to Deep Blue for disrespects. He pretends that he is going to kill Mew Zoey, but suddenly teleports and appears with his blade to Deep Blue's throat; however, Deep Blue is quicker. Dren dies in Zoey's arms, and she starts crying, making Mark's dream come true. Deep Blue starts screaming, releasing enormous energy, which kills the Chimera Anima outside the base and destroys everything around. Sardon uses his fans to protect the Mew Mews, and dies in the process. Mew Zoey comes to herself and sees Deep Blue standing before her. Deep Blue's skin becomes darker, he drops his sword and calls Zoey by her name.

Episode 52

Mark begins to blame himself for the destruction he has caused when being under Deep Blue's control. Mew Zoey hugs him, and feels the presense of the Mew Aqua inside him. Deep Blue's spirit takes over his body again, and after some fighting between the two spirits Deep Blue claims that he has completely erased Mark's consciousness. Just as he is about to use the Mew Aqua to destroy the Earth, Mark's spirit raises out of his body and pulls Deep Blue's spirit out. Mark then tells Zoey to attack, claiming that he will be OK. Only after "Reborn Strawberry Surprise" hits Deep Blue, Zoey realizes that Mark will die along with him. Mark explains that he did it to save the Earth, and tells Zoey that he loves her. When Deep Blue is finally dead, the released Mew Aqua showers over Tokyo, healing the destroyed city. Mew Zoey says she won't let Mark die and kisses him, giving him her power. When Mark comes to himself, Mew Zoey is lying near him, and he realizes that she is dead. The other Mew Mews teleport to Deep Blue's base, and they are shocked by Zoey's death. They start crying, and suddenly detransform. The base starts to fall apart. Dren appears with the final Mew Aqua; the aliens thank the Mews and teleport them to the ground below. They destroy the base to prevent it from falling on Tokyo, and leave the Earth. Mark kisses Zoey, and she detransforms, losing her cat powers, and wakes up, to everyone's happiness.

Special Ending:

5 Year ago Mark decides to study abroad to study endangered species, so the girls hold a mock wedding for he and Zoey before he leaves.

Original Ending: (Alternate Ending)

Later, the five girls meet near the Cafe Mew Mew, which is now closed. They wonder where did Elliot and Wesley go. Suddenly, the two appear before them and announce that they have new enemies to fight. The girls say that they are not Mew Mews anymore, but Elliot points out that they still have Mew Marks. Wesley explains that their powers disappeared temporarily due to the effect of the Mew Aqua. The girls transform and leave the Cafe, ready to protect the Earth again.